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Performing Is Not Fast

If you enjoy watching Wimbledon tennis, you already know this to be true: No athlete who wins Wimbledon made it to the winner’s circle fast. Serena Williams won first place in both singles and doubles in 2016. It was her 22nd Grand Slam title and her 16th Grand Slam doubles title. Her age? 35 years […]

Skeptical of Serving?

Last month, I attended the first high school graduation at a school my father had helped found nearly 20 years ago, which now serves over 350 students in grades Pre-K through 12. The first graduating class was three young men, who proudly represented the school — its past, present, and future. I was thrilled to […]

Principles in Action

My grandson is 3 years old – and if you’ll allow me to say so – he is really smart. He knows me. He knows my principles. How do I know that? Recently, I was giving him a bath. He started playfully splashing me. I said, “Stop it,” but without any serious tone. His mother […]

The Power and Opportunity of Accountable Leadership

Leadership apart from personal accountability is detached superiority. Lack of personal accountability on the part of leaders results in isolation, artificial interactions, and shallow relationships. Leaders who stand aloof from personal accountability: Lean toward authoritarian exclusivity. Practice hypocrisy, if they expect others to be accountable to them. Exude arrogance. Stay isolated and detached. Accountability is […]

The Honor Code of Business

Recent events have once again reminded us of the impact of unethical business practices on a famous, trusted brand and company – this time the name is Wells Fargo.  The banking giant was fined $185-million dollars after an investigation determined more than 2-million bank and credit card accounts were opened or applied for without the […]

Leadership in Challenging Times

A lot of businesses are having a difficult year—and it has raised this question to the top of my list: What does leadership look like in challenging times? What does a servant leader do when facing trials at work? Here are some thoughts and questions to help you when you face the inevitable challenge that […]

Humble and Confident Leadership? Is that possible?

One of the more interesting servant leadership questions I am asked is this: can you be humble and confident? This question stems from inaccurate assumptions about these two words. First, the assumption that humility looks weak. Second, the assumption that confidence looks like self-centered pride. Both are wrong. Humility is acknowledging that you are not better than […]

The Challenge of Developing Great Leaders

I don’t know about you, but I have never figured out the difference between coaching and mentoring when talking about the development of leaders. I’m sure there is a difference – but whether you call it coaching or mentoring – I think developing great leaders is one of the most challenging tasks of a leader. […]

What is the Daring Destination?

Week 2 video from the Leadership Discussion Guide – What is the Daring Destination? Why are we reluctant to pursue a daring destination for the benefit of those we lead? Is it fear of failure? Absence of ideas? Lack of courage? I’m not sure. But this I do know: A leader unwilling to take the […]

The Purpose Of Leadership 2013

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for following my blog The Purpose of Leadership in 2013. I am grateful for your insights and comments — you are enriching my own leadership journey each week. Because it is hard to keep up with weekly blog posts, this week I thought I would share with […]

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