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Master Class from Berrett Koehler Publishing

In this course, former Popeyes CEO Cheryl Bachelder unpacks the powerful framework she used to transform Popeyes from ailing franchise into an industry darling. You’ll practice proven techniques to develop a high-performance organization, like setting a bold vision and creating alignment.

With comprehensive lessons and interactive planning exercises to guide you, you’ll develop your own servant leadership blueprint, complete with a personal vision, purpose, and set how-we-do-business principles. By the end, you’ll come away with a plan of action to implement in your own organization.

Free Video Workshop

  • Learn to lead in a way that delivers greater purpose, alignment, and performance
  • Discover the major obstacles leaders must overcome when implementing servant leadership—and how to turn these into opportunities for breakthroughs
  • Get practical examples of the Dare to Serve approach as well as insight from Cheryl’s personal experience as a leader
  • Outline your next steps to advance your impact and influence on the organization you serve
  • Transform servant leadership from a pie-in-the-sky philosophy into an integrated approach to leadership—one that drives results 

Free Discussion Guides

Want superior results?
Start serving.

Serving others is more powerful than you think. In fact, it performs. Cheryl Bachelder, former CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., offers us proof in her book Dare To Serve, Second Edition. On this site, Cheryl continues the conversation to help you see how daring and serving creates the environment for superior performance. Explore the conversation and become a leader that leaves a legacy.

For Dare To Serve™ Leaders

This 8-week discussion guide makes it easy for you to bring together a small group of leaders for a conversation on Dare To Serve™ leadership. Each gathering begins with a short video introduction, supported by discussion activities and questions to help your group get the most out of the time together. Everything you need is here for a provocative conversation on a leadership approach that serves and performs.

For Dare To Serve™ Faith-Based Leaders

This eight-week discussion guide on Dare To Serve leadership is designed for Christian leaders in the workplace, community, or faith-based organizations. A short video introduction and discussion guide will help get you and your peers get the most out of your time together. You will find everything you need to provoke thoughtful conversations on the intersection of our faith and our leadership, with references to Biblical teaching on each topic.

Leadership Tools

Journey To Personal Purpose™

Do you know why you lead? Very few leaders do. If you don’t know why you come to work, you will hamper the effectiveness and results of your team, and you will miss out on the rewards of meaningful work. These exercises will help you identify your leadership purpose by examining the key life events, values, and strengths that define you as a leader. By defining your personal purpose, you will grow as a leader, more able to motivate and inspire those you lead.

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