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What is the Daring Destination?

Week 2 video from the Leadership Discussion Guide – What is the Daring Destination?

Why are we reluctant to pursue a daring destination for the benefit of those we lead? Is it fear of failure? Absence of ideas? Lack of courage?

I’m not sure. But this I do know:

A leader unwilling to take the people to a daring destination paralyzes the organization.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this perspective! Last year I launched a nonprofit called Liberatus, a weekly journal on how to bring Truth and Beauty into American politics, written by people on the inside. As I think about ways to grow and lead the organization beyond our first year, the idea of truly focusing on a daring destination has inspired me to think bigger, and I’m excited to share that perspective with my board soon.

    As a whole though, I think American politics is lacking both servant leadership and daring vision. So this perspective is timely and will fuel our work to empower people on the inside of American politics to tell a better story. Thank you!

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