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The Purpose Of Leadership 2013

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for following my blog The Purpose of Leadership in 2013. I am grateful for your insights and comments — you are enriching my own leadership journey each week.

Because it is hard to keep up with weekly blog posts, this week I thought I would share with you the top five posts for 2013. That way, if you missed one of the blogs that resonated with readers, you can catch up this week.

Top Five Blog Posts of 2013

  1. And Your Point Is?
  2. Five Traits Of Leaders Who Serve
  3. Be An extraordinary Leader
  4. Narcissism Comes Naturally
  5. Traits Of A Servant Leader – A Skilled Communicator

I look forward to supporting your personal journey to purpose in 2014. This week is a good week to reflect on the past year and start thinking about your goals for the year ahead.

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