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What to do when the leader loses their mojo . . .

In the Q&A blogs, I answer a question that I have been asked recently by a developing leader. This month the question is: As a leader, what do you do when your passion wanes? Leadership can be demanding. Leaders can become weary, even exhausted. Passion can evaporate and we plod forward, almost numb to the work […]


Question: How do I explain servant leadership to my team? Answer: The first step is you demonstrate servant leadership to your team. Last week I attended the Popeyes international franchise conference in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. This is the highlight of our year, as we gather with restaurant owners from across the U.S. […]

Have You Found Tough Love to Build Performance?

Guest Post by Mark Deterding. Servant leadership is many things, but one thing it is not is “soft”. Servant leaders have high expectations, both for themselves, as well as for their team. There’s only one way I know to make things better in your organization. Create and share clear, reasonable, and measurable expectations and performance […]

Daring Destinations, Part 1

It’s up to leaders to set the daring destinations for their teams and organizations. Daring destinations create the dynamic tension between daring and serving that leads to outstanding results and we all want results, right? I was honored to be a recent guest on Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast.  Andy is a pastor, communicator, author and […]

Golden Rule

The following is an excerpt from Dare To Serve: The stories of prisoners of war are both heart-breaking and inspiring. Our hearts break for the horrible things done to prisoners to defeat their dignity. And then we hear the story of the prisoner who was not defeated. Through intense focus, meditation or prayer, exercise, and […]

Time For A Purpose?.

A few years ago, I went to see the movie Hugo – the story of a young boy, who loses both parents at a young age, and ends up living with a drunken uncle in the clock tower of the Paris train station. The child, Hugo, is fascinated with the complexity and mystery of the […]

Achievement – A Mask Of Power?

There is a book series for children 8-12 years of age called Skylanders Universe: The Mask of Power. It is a conventional storyline of good versus evil. The good guys are called Skylanders. The bad guys, called Spell Punks, create a mask of power that uses fire, water, technology and more to bring chaos and […]

Living Up To Your Expectations

Dick Lynch is the Global Brand Leader at Popeyes. He tells this remarkable story about his first job out of college: “I had always dreamed of a career in advertising, but could only scrape up enough money to attend a small, rather undistinguished Midwestern college. When I graduated with a business degree, Madison Avenue wasn’t […]

Your Piece Of The Puzzle

Anyone working on a jigsaw puzzle this summer? Have you ever worked for hours and hours on a jigsaw puzzle – only to find one piece missing? The frustration of not being able to complete the masterpiece intensifies. The satisfaction and joy of seeing the complete picture evaporates. We walk away disappointed and annoyed. Similarly, […]

Pursuing Personal Purpose

Lately it seems that everyone on the planet is in search of their personal purpose. It’s “trending.” Simon Sinek says Start with Why Jon Gordon offers The Seed: Finding Purpose and Happiness in Your Life and Work There is The Purpose of Your Life: Finding Your Place in the World by Carol Adrienne Oprah recommends […]

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