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Stay Put – Add Value

It’s January, and everyone is working on our New Year’s resolutions. We’re goal setting. We’re working out. We’re dieting. We’re planning new projects. We’re organizing our calendars.

In our work life, many of us have a goal this year to get promoted, change jobs, and perhaps join a bigger company. It’s part of our ambition to get ahead. Our desire is to be recognized for our contributions. Our feeling as though others are moving faster than we are.

Whatever the ambition in the back of your mind, I would ask you to do something few people ever do. Imagine a scenario where you stay put – exactly where you are – and simply focus on adding value to your company.

Please continue reading. I’m not against your ambition. I’m just asking you to consider the alternative before you leap forward. Here are a few things I would ask you to think about.

Bigger Opportunities May Be Right In Front Of You

I believe that if you stay put you may have an opportunity to make a bigger contribution to your company than you currently realize. If you are thinking about leaving, you may be bored, you may be frustrated, or you may be impatient. Those are real feelings, but they are all about you.

What if you set them aside for a bit and thought about how you could add more value to your team or your company. How could you step up your game? How could you take on a big project that needs to be done? How could you help your team reach a more ambitious destination?

What if your best career development opportunity is right where you are?

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Once in my career, I leaped at a promotion opportunity to work for a bigger, better company. I thought it was going to be my pinnacle career experience. Instead it was my greatest disappointment. My ambition led me to rush the decision. I didn’t understand the culture of the new company. I didn’t understand the structure of the job. I didn’t understand the difficulties in the business model. My ambition misled me and it was costly.

What if your vision of the bigger, better opportunity is wrong?

Relationships Are The Heart & Soul of Great Performance

If you have been in your position a while, you have relationships that help you do your job. Knowing the people you work with well helps you get your job done. You can gain support for your ideas quickly. You can influence and motivate others. You can navigate the process to get the job done. Relationships are an asset to delivering outstanding results.

How could you leverage your relationships in your current workplace to reach your desired goals?

There Are Deep Rewards In Seeing Things Through

I am in my 7th year of leadership at Popeyes. And I am having more fun than should be legal. I believe a huge reason my job is so satisfying is because I have stayed in place and seen the fruits of our long term initiatives. I have witnessed huge growth in our talent. I have seen accomplishments completed that we never could have imagined seven years ago. I have developed workplace friendships and memories that I will carry with me for years to come.

What if staying put could be more rewarding and satisfying than making a move?

I hope you do set big, bold goals for 2014. But what if staying put and adding more value is the best path to growing you as a leader? It’s worth a thought.

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