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The Inconvenience of Leadership.

The Inconvenience of Leadership Was it convenient for Winston Churchill to lead England through World War II? Was it convenient for Florence Nightingale to lead the nurses in the Crimean war? Was it convenient for Martin Luther King, Jr. to lead the fight for civil rights? Was it convenient for Mother Teresa to care for […]

Phil Cordell Interview

Meet Phil Cordell – Global Head, Focused Service Brands, Hilton Worldwide You are often referred to as a passionate leader.  Where does that passion come from?  Passion comes from the heart. As leaders, we’re often challenged to find a balance between “head and heart.” Obviously, we need to establish strategic direction for our organizations and […]


Question: How do I explain servant leadership to my team? Answer: The first step is you demonstrate servant leadership to your team. Last week I attended the Popeyes international franchise conference in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. This is the highlight of our year, as we gather with restaurant owners from across the U.S. […]

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Wallenda does daring tight rope acts – over canyons and cities – while we stand and watch with awe. He is so bold and daring, we watch with terrified anticipation. There is a chance he will fall and die, and there is a chance he will safely make the crossing. The thrill of the daring […]

Go Big Or Go Home

When you search the web for an image representing a big idea, you get a lot of pictures of light bulbs. Why is that? Was the light bulb the last big idea? Is it the only symbol of transformative technology? What is it about the light bulb that makes it the perfect image for the […]

Achievement – A Mask Of Power?

There is a book series for children 8-12 years of age called Skylanders Universe: The Mask of Power. It is a conventional storyline of good versus evil. The good guys are called Skylanders. The bad guys, called Spell Punks, create a mask of power that uses fire, water, technology and more to bring chaos and […]

Warning – Toxic Workplace

I am a book junkie. If you visit my home, there are certain rooms, like my home office, that are literally overflowing with books. Even my work office has at least 100 books in it. So it will not surprise you that on this Sunday afternoon, I am scanning the books available on Amazon.com. I […]

Focused Or Flailing?

Apparently our human minds can only remember three or four things at once. Psychologists at the University of Missouri published a paper in 2008 entitled “An assessment of fixed-capacity models of visual working memory.”* Up until this study, most researchers thought we could remember seven things at once – like the seven digits in our phone […]

Which Way?

It is Friday night and I am headed to LaGuardia airport in New York City– in the borough of Queens. The traffic is heavy. It is raining, and chances are good flights will be delayed. If you have ever traveled through a major airport on a Friday night, you know this feeling. Your head has […]

My Favorite Things

One of my favorite childhood movies was The Sound of Music. I think it may have been the catalyst for my lifelong love of music.  Maybe I was a romantic at the age of 9, but I can’t think of a more beautiful scene in a movie than where Julie Andrews sings “My Favorite Things.” As […]

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