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Leaders Own Their Destiny

The best leaders own their destiny. They make a conscious personal choice to rise above any circumstances they face. They own whatever it takes to achieve the desired outcome. They wait for no one. They blame no one. They are not victims, ever.

No industry teaches this lesson better than restaurant franchising. In franchising, the franchisor is accountable for building a brand and operating system that provides sound returns to the investor. The franchisee is responsible for making the investment, developing the team, and serving the guest. 

When each does their part of the puzzle well, the whole enterprise thrives. When either party falls short, everyone suffers. It is a true partnership – we win together, we lose together.

“Every excuse I ever heard made perfect sense to the person who made it.”
~ Dr. Daniel Drubin

I have been blessed to work with some high accountability franchisees in the last six years. Here are the insights I have gained from them:

I Own The Goal – A high accountability leader sets bold goals for the team, communicates them clearly, and motivates the team to reach them.

I See The Problem – A high accountability leader is blunt and honest with themselves and the team. They see the opportunities for improvement and they candidly discuss them and address them promptly, for the benefit of all.

I Solve My Problems – A high accountability leader works on the things they can control. They don’t “delegate” their problems to anyone else. They don’t wait for someone else to fix them. They act promptly and stay on the task until improvement occurs.

I Do The Work – A high accountability leader does the hard work required to get to the goal. They work alongside the people to help get to the desired outcome. They aren’t afraid to use “hard work” as a strategy for success.

I Appreciate Those Who Help – A high accountability leader is quick to acknowledge and thank those who help them get to their goal. They share success readily. They say thank you often. They don’t need a lot of credit, even when they did most of the work.

“Stop blaming. Start aiming.”
~ Rob Liano

The opposite of accountability is being a victim. Blaming everyone else for your circumstances. Waiting for others to solve your problems. Working as little as possible. Complaining as much as possible. What a sad mindset for leadership. Who is inspired by a victim? No one.

Every human being can fall into the trap of victim-itis. Don’t let it be you.

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