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Find Your Inner Fearlessness

Guest post by Molly Fletcher

Fearlessness is an engine that can get us to a goal and overcome the biggest obstacles. So how do we nurture it in our lives to get more of it? The fear part of our brain can adapt if we practice new habits—the same way that man’s best friend is trained to be less fearful. Here are five keys to practicing more fearlessness in your life and making it automatic.

  1. Connect with your why. Passion suffocates fear. Remember the “why” behind the action you are taking. That why is your inner motivator that will push you beyond your fear. Reframe fear as the nervous, excited energy that precedes anything worth having!
  2. Put things in perspective. Refusing to acknowledge your fears sometimes can have an unintended consequence—your fears actually loom larger. Perspective reminds us that often what we are afraid of, actually isn’t that big of a deal.
  3. Find your fearless role models. They see the world through the lens of opportunity and curiosity. They are encouragers who know in their bones that anything is possible, that excuses are not an option, and that a way can be found if you just keep trying. On the flip side, minimize your exposure to fearfulness. If you are around naysayers, you’re not feeding your boldness.
  4. Practice bite-size bravery. Fearlessness starts small. Rehearse memories of moments when you demonstrated courage and how empowered you felt, and envision yourself taking on bigger challenges. As Brene Brown points out (from theologian Mary Daly): “You learn courage by couraging.”
  5. Reward yourself for overcoming your fear. We all look forward to new situations with anticipation if there’s a treat. Give yourself something good for developing your new habit of more fearlessness!

Your Game Changer Takeaway

Replace fear with fearlessness through positive feedback. What are your mental treats for feeding more fearlessness in your life? Keep them handy for when the fear arises, and watch your positive energy expand. You’re more fearless than you know.

molly fletcherMolly Fletcher helps inspire and equip game changers to dream, live and grow fearlessly. A keynote speaker and author, Molly draws on her decades of experiences working with elite athletes and coaches as a sports agent, and applies them to the business world.  Her e-learning courses spark both  personal growth for individuals and corporate development for organizations. Sign up here to receive our monthly newsletter.

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