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Create Millennial Servant Leaders, 1, 2, 3

 “3 Rules to Being a Leader, Give, Give, Give!.”

Millennials—currently and most commonly described as lazy, self-interested and entitled—will make up 75% of the workforce over the next decade. The shift is inevitable… but you have the power to really be a leader and influence how millennials will evolve as leaders in the workplace. In order to create and empower millennials to be  leaders that Give (Servant), the focus must be shifted from “me” to “we.” Here are three strategies you can teach to create caring, millennial servant leaders.

  1. Communicate From The Inside Out

More so than previous generations, millennials seek purpose and fulfillment in the workplace. They want to know they are doing meaningful work and providing value. In order to inspire millennials to be selfless, team players, you must communicate your company’s “why and what it means to you as a manager/guide.” Align your company’s vision and purpose, frame it personally and match it with millennial workers. Make sure they understand your own “why,” so they can rally together and add value with you in a collaborative fashion. They want to be a part of something bigger, better and with more purpose.

By leading with a transparent purpose, you can tap into what motivates your millennials to work for something greater than themselves: their “why.” Align and embed your company’s “why” with your millennial workers’ “why,” and that alignment will satisfy their own generational inherent need to serve.

       2. Teach and exemplify how Givers are the most Successful

Millennials want to be successful. They grew up in the digital age, where pictures and stories of success are constantly posted on Instagram, Facebook and Snap Chat. Communicate to your millennials that by serving others and being a team player, they will be successful. Like the old adage says, we get what we give.

In his best-selling book Give and Take, Wharton professor Adam Grant revealed that out of three groups—givers, takers and matchers—givers are the most successful and highest performers. Share this fact with your millennials. Inspire your millennials to lead by giving with their own strengths and deliver value where others need it.

          3. Teach the power of Effective Listening

Millennials grew up with the ability to tweet or snapchat their opinion wherever and whenever they choose. In such a noisy world, they need to understand the power and value of listening. Explain to your millennials that no one enjoys listening to a me-centric dinner guest constantly blabbing about himself or herself.

Teach your millennials how to listen—not just to listen, but to show that they are listening and retaining information. Ask them what they have heard. In fact have them repeat back to you what they’ve heard as a rule. This powerful method lets millennials learn the power of listening, emulate the power of your service and care about others. It demonstrates skills of how to effectively care. Also, bonus, they get to feel good about their progress, which they love, by conveying that they not only listened, but retained information as well.  Your millennials can thrive and be of service to others by learning the rules of the game from a pro, you.

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