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The Problem with Hurry

Full disclosure: I suffer from what psychologists’ call “hurry sickness.” I didn’t know it had a name until recently, but nonetheless, I’ve always known that I suffer from it. I jam-pack my days. I overschedule. I say “yes” way too often. The benefits of my disease include getting a lot done, being admired by others who do  »  

Focused or Flailing?

Apparently our human minds can only remember three or four things at once. Psychologists at the University of Missouri published a paper in 2008 entitled “An assessment of fixed-capacity models of visual working memory.”* Up until this study, most researchers thought we could remember seven things at once – like the seven digits  »  

Reflection Required

Monday was my first day back after a four-day vacation. I must confess, I am not good at taking vacations. For the first two days I didn’t even know I was on vacation. I kept answering emails, taking calls, and reviewing work. Somewhere around day three, I notice that I am in a new place. The sun is shining. The water is  »  

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