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Personal Purpose

CEOs With Purpose – Bob McDonald

It is a rare occasion that a highly visible Fortune 500 CEO puts their personal values out for all to see. One such individual is Bob McDonald, CEO of Procter & Gamble. If you go to the P&G website, and search for his biography, you will also find a section called Values-Based Leadership. It includes a PowerPoint presentation  »  

Made For A Purpose

Earlier this year, I had the once in a lifetime experience of attending the Academy Awards. It was not something I’d ever aspired to do, but as a girl who loves a beautiful gown, I accepted the invitation and had a wonderful time. One of the top award winning movies, with five Oscars, was Hugo. I had never heard of it, but the  »  

What Is The Meaning Of Your Work?

My favorite question to ask lately is “why do you do the work that you do?” Most people look at you blankly, as if this question has never been considered. Not wanting to appear shallow, they quickly recover and explain that they work to pay their bills or put their kids through college, of course. But every once and awhile  »  

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