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Personal Purpose

Is Leadership An Extreme Sport?

My father was my encourager in life. If I wanted to try something new, he was all for it. He was my greatest fan and his encouragement made me feel special. I only have one memory of my father saying a discouraging thing – and that was at my tumbling class when I was 7 years old. He had watched me struggle painfully for over an hour of  »  

Stay Put – Add Value

It’s January, and everyone is working on our New Year’s resolutions. We’re goal setting. We’re working out. We’re dieting. We’re planning new projects. We’re organizing our calendars. In our work life, many of us have a goal this year to get promoted, change jobs, and perhaps join a bigger company. It’s part of our  »  

Sacrifice Or Pleasure?

My observation is that sacrifice is not a popular notion in our culture. It has bad implications. When you sacrifice, you lose something, you give something up. It might be hard, uncomfortable, even painful. Who would want that? Pleasure is a very popular notion in our culture. It has a good vibe. It is now. It is fun. It is satisfying  »  

The Purpose Of Mentors

While speaking on a panel at the Women’s Foodservice Forum a few years ago, I was asked if mentors had played a large role in my development of a leader. I struggled with the answer because, honestly, I wasn’t sure that I had been mentored. But I certainly remember wishing that I had been mentored. First a definition: a mentor is a  »  

Put Your Purpose To The Test

When my daughter was getting ready to go to college, my husband gave her Cal Newport’s book, How To Win At College, to read. Among other things, it gives the future college student real world tips on what the top students do to succeed on campus. It includes advice on study habits, party habits, resume building and more. Perhaps  »  

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