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Personal Development

O Tidings Of Comfort & Joy

In America it is the season of Christmas. The familiar holiday carols are playing on the radio. The Christmas trees are decorated. The malls are full of shoppers hunting for gifts. And the calendar is full of holiday parties. The season is both a festive celebration and on the other hand, a stressful list of stuff to get done. So how do  »  

Be An Odd & Extraordinary Leader

This weekend I had the honor of teaching leadership at The Gloucester Institute Emerging Leaders Program entitled. A Brand Called You. This program assembles approximately thirty highly motivated African-American undergraduate students with excellent leadership potential. Over the course of the year, they are trained in leadership  »  

Rest Period

Servant leadership is so important, so aspirational, so ambitious, we must take time to rest. This week the purpose of my blog is simply to remind you that great leaders rest. “Everything needs a break.” ~ Toba Beta “It is the joy of work well done that enables us to enjoy rest, just as it is the experiences of  »  

Leader As Student

Last week, I shared with you the traits of the leader as teacher. This week we’ll examine the leader as a student. When our daughters left to go to college, my husband would write them a letter to guide their journey as a student. As I look back at these letters, I find they are filled with useful advice, well beyond the college years  »  

Tips Of The Leadership Trade

This fall, I will have the opportunity to speak at the Gwinnett Leadership Forum, on September 5, 2013. The Leadership Forum is all about helping local leaders connect to their highest potential – a mission that is right up my alley. Twice a year they bring in world-class leaders to share insights, tools and encouragement for leading  »  

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