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In Honor Of My Favorite Boss

Looking back over the years, it is so easy to see why you were my favorite boss. But at the time, I didn’t have enough life experience to know just how special you were. Please accept this letter as my way of honoring you for the positive impact you made on my life. These are the things that I remember: Working For You Was Fun  »  

Your Motive Is Known

While touring restaurants in Chicago a few years ago, I met a restaurant manager who was doing a great job and doing it with great joy. It was obvious in everything she did that she was in this job for a reason. I asked her what she enjoyed most about her job and to no surprise she was ready with the answer. She said, “This is  »  

Top 10 Things I Love About You

When I think of you, I wish that every employee in our company had your traits. I can only imagine what our business results would be if they did. To celebrate the way that you contribute to each day, I have brought together this list of the Top 10 Things I Love about You: You Do Not Whine Or Complain – You refuse to be a victim  »  

Lead Like It Matters, Today

Have you given any thought to whether your leadership will matter today? Saturday, I sat on the 50 yard line and watched my nephew play football for his college team. In addition, to enjoying a good game and feeling very proud of my nephew, I found watching the coaching staff as interesting as the game. In sports, the coaches lead like  »  

Remembered & Remarkable

Recently, I had the opportunity of attending at the Atlanta Renaissance Dinner at the High Museum featuring wine, music, art, terrific speakers, and over 100 works of art by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. The purpose of the dinner was to advance diverse leaders in top leadership across all sectors of America through a series of Ted Talks  »  

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