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Focused or Flailing?

Apparently our human minds can only remember three or four things at once. Psychologists at the University of Missouri published a paper in 2008 entitled “An assessment of fixed-capacity models of visual working memory.”* Up until this study, most researchers thought we could remember seven things at once – like the seven digits  »  

Imagine The Impact Of Your Work

As we end 2015, I want to thank you for following and commenting on my blog posts each week. I am grateful for the dialog we are having about leaders who dare to serve. This year, my favorite blog post came from a pizza lunch shared with a landscaping team in northern Michigan where my family spends our summers. On this last week of the  »  

Imagine The Impact Of Your Work

Last Friday I had the privilege of speaking with a team of leaders – my favorite thing to do. The owner of a local landscaping company asked me to talk with his team about leadership. Eighteen of us gathered in my living room and, over pizza lunch, we talked about the topic. I opened the conversation by thanking the team for the  »