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Dare To Serve Kick-Off

Seems like the whole month of January is one big football game.  I’m not complaining.  It’s a great sport. This time of year, the stakes are high, as we approach the game of all games, the Super Bowl. The playoff teams are giving the games their best, with hopes of getting to the trophy. Similarly, in this kickoff month of the  »  

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Wallenda does daring tight rope acts – over canyons and cities – while we stand and watch with awe. He is so bold and daring, we watch with terrified anticipation. There is a chance he will fall and die, and there is a chance he will safely make the crossing. The thrill of the daring makes our pulse pound. But few of us want to try  »  

Promises, Promises

The best CEO I worked for in my career was at RJR Nabisco; his name, Lou Gerstner. He was exceptionally smart and exceptionally principled. I watched his leadership closely and found many lessons that would guide my career over the years. So when he was selected to be CEO of IBM in April of 1993, I watched with great interest. At the  »  

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