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Find Your Inner Fearlessness

Guest post by Molly Fletcher Fearlessness is an engine that can get us to a goal and overcome the biggest obstacles. So how do we nurture it in our lives to get more of it? The fear part of our brain can adapt if we practice new habits—the same way that man’s best friend is trained to be less fearful. Here are five keys to practicing  »  

Go Big Or Go Home

When you search the web for an image representing a big idea, you get a lot of pictures of light bulbs. Why is that? Was the light bulb the last big idea? Is it the only symbol of transformative technology? What is it about the light bulb that makes it the perfect image for the big idea? My conclusion is this: the big idea energizes the  »  

I See Your Passion

Yesterday morning I visited a summer day camp for children in Traverse City, Michigan. As the children arrived, they were greeted by a welcomomg tunnel of jumping, singing, high-fiving camp counselors.  The kids’ faces lit up with excitement as these counselors enthusiastically celebrated their arrival. This was Day 4 of camp – and  »