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The Honor Code of Business

Recent events have once again reminded us of the impact of unethical business practices on a famous, trusted brand and company – this time the name is Wells Fargo.  The banking giant was fined $185-million dollars after an investigation determined more than 2-million bank and credit card accounts were opened or applied for without the  »  

Interview with Joel Manby

This week I interviewed Joel Manby, CEO SeaWorld, on the topic of leading in tumultuous times — when leadership is anything but easy and convenient. Joel shares his perspective on serving your team well in difficult times. Don’t miss these important insights for your leadership. Tell me about a brave act that you took as a  »  

Wisdom Of The Next Generation

Tuesday afternoon, I spent a couple of hours with fourteen emerging leaders at Popeyes. This is a group of young leaders who have organized themselves to connect with each other and grow their leadership capabilities. They are primarily Millennials who have been with Popeyes in office or field positions for 2-4 years. I was excited to  »