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Leadership is important work that impacts people profoundly. We’ve all had truly great leaders in our lives – people who modeled the essence of servant leader for us. They served us well. We want to hear the story of the best leader in your life. Tell us about someone who led by example, who went the extra mile to serve you well and the organization. They made a real difference. Let’s celebrate them here. Please give us specific actions of this leader that made a big impact on you and the people around you. Length of the story should be about 400-600 words.

How We Select & Share Your Story

Each week, Cheryl will be writing a blog post focused on one of the 40 reflection questions from her book. And each week, we want to share a leadership story that illustrates the key principle in the conversation. If your leadership story fits that week’s principle, we may feature your story.

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So, tell us your leadership story – the story of a lesson learned, wisdom shared, service rendered. A leader so remarkable, you will remember their impact for years to come.

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