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 November 2013

Choose Gratefulness

Over 30-years ago, a friend told me a story. I’ve never found a source. A rabbi asked his congregation to go to the worry tree and place every difficulty and worry they had on the branches of the tree. He then asked the people to walk around the worry tree until they find some troubles they like better than their own. After several  »  

Be An Odd & Extraordinary Leader

This weekend I had the honor of teaching leadership at The Gloucester Institute Emerging Leaders Program entitled. A Brand Called You. This program assembles approximately thirty highly motivated African-American undergraduate students with excellent leadership potential. Over the course of the year, they are trained in leadership  »  

Rest Period

Servant leadership is so important, so aspirational, so ambitious, we must take time to rest. This week the purpose of my blog is simply to remind you that great leaders rest. “Everything needs a break.” ~ Toba Beta “It is the joy of work well done that enables us to enjoy rest, just as it is the experiences of  »  

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