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 October 2013

Relationship Or Excellence?

In servant leadership, which is more important – a good relationship or the pursuit of excellence? A challenging question. This matter is tested daily in the workplace. Office teams work collaboratively to accomplish goals and relationships are essential to the process. Yet, the business must perform better than the competitors  »  

Tell Me The Why

When our toddler children asked us the why question all day long we thought it was charming. It meant they were curious, smart, and exploring the world to learn new things. Then we went to the workplace as adults and things changed. Those people asking why questions all day long became annoying and problematic. Their questions became  »  

Leaders Beware

Friday morning I was mentoring four young female leaders. They had asked me to spend an hour with them sharing my experiences and responding to some of the questions that were facing them as leaders. I view this as an honor and a responsibility to mentor the next generation of leaders, and I always learn something from the  »  

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