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 September 2013

Leaders Own Their Destiny

The best leaders own their destiny. They make a conscious personal choice to rise above any circumstances they face. They own whatever it takes to achieve the desired outcome. They wait for no one. They blame no one. They are not victims, ever. No industry teaches this lesson better than restaurant franchising. In franchising, the  »  

Assumptions Of The Leader

I challenge you this week to examine the assumptions you make about the people that you lead. I believe that if you assume great things about the people you lead, you will get great things. If you assume the worst, expect to get it. At Popeyes, we run quick service restaurants with 15-30 people working in each restaurant. As I tour  »  

Leader As Student

Last week, I shared with you the traits of the leader as teacher. This week we’ll examine the leader as a student. When our daughters left to go to college, my husband would write them a letter to guide their journey as a student. As I look back at these letters, I find they are filled with useful advice, well beyond the college years  »  

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