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 October 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

One day I was in a Popeyes restaurant observing a busy lunch hour in a high volume restaurant. Despite the flood of urgent, hungry guests, the crew in this restaurant was getting the food out, on time and with a smile. It was like watching an orchestra perform a great symphony. Everyone seemed to have the same expectations (the music)  »  

Caring For The Vineyards

In April, my husband and I visited Napa Valley, California for the first time and as you would expect, we toured the vineyards and wineries of this region. The first thing you notice in Napa Valley is the beauty of the area – rolling hills covered with grape trellises, classic farm homes, two-lane country roads. It is stunning, simple  »  

Narcissism Comes Naturally

I worked for a narcissist early in my career. He shall remain nameless. He was a smart, experienced, and capable businessman. He was highly organized, disciplined, and paid close attention to details. He ran a good meeting, had a good planning process, and kept us on track to meet budget. He was married with a lovely wife and two  »  

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