My Favorite Things

One of my favorite childhood movies was The Sound of Music. I think it may have been the catalyst for my lifelong love of music.  Maybe I was a romantic at the age of 9, but I can’t think of a more beautiful scene in a movie than where Julie Andrews sings “My Favorite Things.” As she sings “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on  »  


Do You Love the People You Lead?

For over 18 years, I’ve been in a leadership position with small business owners, the franchisees who invest in and run restaurants. Let me share with just five things that are annoying about a small business owner: They have a lot of emotion and relatively few facts.  They always want some special favor.  They never trust the  »  


Who Matters Most?

When I joined Popeyes in 2007, my first day was the international franchising conference in Orlando, Florida. As you would expect, on my first day I was brimming with excitement and anticipation about this challenging new leadership opportunity. This would be my first chance to meet the Popeyes franchise owners – the people who own  »  


Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I’ve only been a waitress once, for one day. I was sixteen years old and had just passed my driver’s test on the second try. Excited to have the independence my age deserved, I realized I would need money for gas. It was time to get a job. Applications submitted. Interviews complete. I found my job as a waitress in a nursing home in  »  


Your Attitude Is Your Altitude

Last night I enjoyed a dinner conversation with a Popeyes leader who oversees more than a dozen restaurants. In our chat, we were reflecting on how grateful we both were for the momentum in our business – and how blessed we felt to be a part of this company. I was so impressed with this person’s genuine love of the restaurant  »  

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